Updated Picture

Ok, I washed my hair last night and fixed it a little this morning, so I took a picture for this week. ha! So, 35 1/7 wks today. Here’s the “selfie.”


Oy, last night, I was having lots more pressure with my braxton hicks contractions. It took a while into the night for them to finally ease up. They aren’t painful contractions like labor contractions. Those are unmistakable. But, yhey aren’t comfortable because my entire abdomen tightens up nice and hard, and last night, I felt pressure in my bottom with all of these BH contractions. I’ve had that in other pregnancies. I especially remember that more with Colby. Just not pleasant.

I said to Stephen last night, “Man, I really hope we do make it to 37 wks!” Last night, I was having my doubts! But, today has been fine so far. Hardly any BH contractions so far today, and it’s nearly 5 pm. So, it was just one of those days yesterday, I guess. So, the countdown to who-knows-when continues calmly! 🙂

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  1. Pa-pa says:

    I’m feeling like this one is a girl. (or girls!!!!)

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