When are you going to have your baby?

Well, I don’t know! Like I always told my patients, if I knew when they were going to have their baby, I’d make a whole lot more money than I did as a midwife!! Same for my babies. I have no idea when this sweet thing will come. Yes, historically, I’ve delivered on the earlier side, but that’s not to say that I will this time.

Some have asked me if I was having any signs of labor, specifically contractions. Well, truth is, I’ve never had one bout of false labor with any of mine. Once contractions started, it was go time! And, it’s not often a long time of contractions! I have Braxton Hicks contractions all the time, but I have those for months before the baby comes. Those do not signify impending birth at all.

Truly, I’m feeling pretty good. My phantom gallbladder rarely aches. My back doesn’t bother me much (thank you chiropractor!), I don’t feel nauseous. I do get some shooting pains from nerves being irritated, but I can live with that nuisance. I do have to pee frequently since the baby’s head is pretty much resting on my bladder all the time. So, maybe I don’t rest as much as I’d like.  I’m hot, but everyone is in these triple digit days of the Texas heat! I’m grateful to have a/c!

Our house is relatively clean, the kids are gearing up for starting school on Tuesday, and we’re hopefully going to see about painting the nursery this weekend. The bedding came in on Monday! The kids ask everyday if the baby is coming today. I reply with well, I don’t know! HA! Because, well, I don’t know!

So, we wait. We trust. We let the baby keep growing and getting stronger! We pray that everything goes smoothly and is uneventful, and I’ve even asked the Lord for a “sweet birth.” 🙂 He knows the date and time, and I don’t have to. So glad He’s got this!

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