36 wks

Yay, 36 wks! I like each milestone we hit, but I do like 36 wks as one of them! Here’s a picture from today.



Today, my midwife came for a home visit, just to make sure everything is in order and she remembers how to get here. Since we did mostly home visits with the pregnancy with Ridley (she didn’t have her birth center then), she drove right to our house today, no problems. Anyway, baby is doing great! Head seemed to be in a bit of a better position this week. My GBS result was negative! Yay! My iron levels are really good, too! I tell you, I eat lots of iron laden foods, so I figured I would probably be good on that one.

Tonight, Stephen moved our bed over a little bit to make more space for the birthing pool. I’ve never ended up with a water birth for different reasons, but we’re going to give it a try again this time. We have the pool blown up and just hanging out in the office for now. Just gotta keep curious children from messing with it! We have our birth kit, too. Also, my sweet friend (former midwife colleague from my Ft Hood days) has moved to town, and is ready to help out as needed. I really am just excited for her to be present at our birth! If she needs to be the birth midwife, she’ll be fantastic! We’re getting together later this week to catch up. Also, I have a couple of friends in our neighborhood that would be happy to take Ridley when birth time comes, if it occurs during the day. If it occurs during the night, hopefully, he’ll sleep through it.

So, now, we just wait to see when things happen! This is when I feel like a ticking time bomb. But, I’m excited for this little one to arrive! The kids can hardly wait! And, boy, it is hot here! We have been solidly in the triple digits lately. But, you know what…today was the 1st time I really felt the effects of the heat. Like, I felt bad. I stayed home from the outreach program we go to each Tuesday night. Ridley stayed home with me and we read books in the bed until the others returned. I started feeling better after a while, thankfully. I’d say it’s pretty good that it’s taken this long before I had a really yuck feeling from the heat!

All in all, I’m still doing good. Some days, I feel like this baby will not be in for much longer. Other days, I’m like, eh, we could still have a few weeks. So, we’ll just see! I’m thankful that we are where we are, and I’m prayerful that we get to have this baby Joyner join us soon, happy and healthy. Praying for a sweet, uneventful labor and delivery. Thank you for those that continue to walk this with us!


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